Partnerships and Collaborations July 7, 2023

Partnerships and Collaborations

Empowering Innovations
through Partnerships

Partnerships : Empowering Innovations through Collaboration

Our academic partnerships are dedicated to pioneering new frontiers in various therapeutic areas where ADC technology has yet to be introduced. This effort is particularly geared towards programs where there is a compelling argument for using ADC technology to either unlock new therapies or salvage unsuccessful approaches.

Our industry partnerships aim to leverage iProgen’s expertise and technology to enhance the safety and/or efficacy of challenging existing therapeutic programs. Given the extensive breadth of iProgen’s tool kit and experience, our programs can vary widely. They can encompass everything from establishing a full-fledged ADC program from scratch, using a partner’s potent and promising payload, to initiating a new ADC program using partner’s novel antibody to explore new therapeutic opportunities. They can also involve the application of the Smart Antibody platform to revive failed ADC programs or unlock novel ADC therapeutic programs targeting areas previously considered unfeasible for ADC development.

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