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We started this company 10 years ago out of a desire to design and build amazing things.
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25 years we have created websites for global brands. Our success story.

Charting Our Path:
The Mission and Vision of Our Company

The Journey of iProgen

iProgen was founded with the mission to unlock new therapeutic opportunities through innovation and application of novel protein delivery technologies. Over time, our technological development and knowledge in the field of protein delivery enabled us to provide truly groundbreaking antibody discovery and development solutions to our partners pursuing bold new therapeutic programs.

Company’s Mission & Vision
Pursuing the Long Path

Privately held, organically grown and based in Vancouver, BC.

True Pioneer in Next-gen ADC Development

Pioneering next-gen antibody-drug discovery using Smart Antibody™ & smart payload conjugation.

Unlocking New Therapeutic Targets

Our Smart antibody™ platform unlocks previously inaccessible targets for therapeutic development.

Diversified Collaborations

15+ academic and industry partnerships in diverse medical fields and expanding.

Team of Specialists
Image of Ken Lee
Ken Lee

Ken is a biotech entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the field. Ken’s journey has seen him navigate through target discovery at the BC Cancer Research Center, preclinical research at Inimex Pharmaceuticals, clinical research management at BC Clinical Research, and business development roles at Helios & iProgen. He held a certification from RAPS in US Regulatory Affairs and was designated as a Clinical Research Professional by the Society of Clinical Research. Ken holds B.Sc. from UBC and MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Dan Wattier

Dan is a seasoned biotech entrepreneur and commercial leader with a strong track record. He founded ImStar Therapeutics, a private company focused on ALS and neurodegenerative disease therapeutics, and Valocor Therapeutics, which later became Dermira, Inc. (Nasdaq: DERM), acquired by Lilly for $1.1B in 2020. Dan also held senior roles in pharma and biotech companies like QLT, Schering-Plough (Merck), and Centocor (Johnson & Johnson), where he oversaw the US launch of Remicade. He’s a B.Sc. graduate from Western University and actively contributes to the Canadian biotech community, mentoring at Creative Destruction Lab and serving on the Board of BIOTECanada, where he acted as Chair of its Emerging Companies Advisory Board.

Leo Lin
Ph. D., Chief Technology Officer
Leo Lin

Leo brings over two decades of expertise in protein engineering and protein delivery technology, the founding scientist at iProgen has contributed immensely to our patent portfolio as a co-inventor; Leo spearheads all technological innovation at iProgen; completed post-doctoral work at Natalie Strynadka’s lab at UBC. Leo immigrated to Canada from Taiwan in his childhood and graduated with Ph.D., from McGill University with the Governor General’s Gold Medal.

David S. Wood

Mr. Wood has over 30 years of experience in management of both early and late stage companies in North America and the U.K. and has over 18 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, where he has overseen several M&A transactions and numerous financings. Prior to joining ESSA, Mr. Wood was Head of Finance, Secretary and Treasurer at Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc., now a subsidiary of Jazz Pharmaceuticals. He received a B.Sc. in Biology from Queen’s University, an M.B.A. from University of Western Ontario and holds a CPA, CMA accounting designation.

VP of Operation
Ranjani Vaidyanathan

Ranjani is a seasoned biotechnology professional with more than 16 years of industry experience in research and operational management. Her portfolio includes, but not limited to, leading internal research projects and external collaborations, patent contributions and managing and mentoring staff. Her scientific expertise includes cell line development and recombinant protein production (cGMP) and characterization, antibody and ADC assay development.

Image of Nigel
Vice President of Corporate Development
Nigel McNabb

Nigel has 18 years of experience in corporate and business development across the public and private sectors including Health Canada, Deloitte, and Royal Bank of Canada. As a seasoned business development expert, Nigel has worked across a variety of roles, including as a Business Transformation Consultant, Business Architect, and Project Manager. His key areas of expertise include new business strategy, design and implementation all supported though performance management. Nigel holds a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

VP of Legal
Michael J. MacLeod

Michael is a Cambridge University educated corporate lawyer, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Previously, he was civil litigator at McCarthy Tetrault and Robertson, Peck, Thompson, Casilio, Vancouver. Formerly, he was also Advisor to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Ottawa.

Ph. D., Scientific Advisor
Hans E. Huber

Retired distinguished scientist from Merck, spent almost two decades studying biologics and biologics drug delivery technology; currently an Associate Director of the Center for Targeted Therapeutics and Translational Nanomedicine at University of Pennsylvania. Hans received his Ph.D. from ETH and completed post-doc at Harvard.

Ph.D, Scientific Advisor

Michael is founder CEO of Innovative Targeting Solutions Inc. He was formerly the Vice President of Research at Abgenix Inc. and subsequently Amgen British Columbia, Michael oversaw numerous antibody discovery collaborations involving over 100 different targets with collaborators including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Abbot, Curagen, Milleneum, and Dendreon.

Ph. D., Advisor in Antibody Engineering
Paula Lario

Over 20 years experience in engineering antibody; former Group lead at Zymeworks for developing its bispecific platforms; co-inventor of 20+ antibody engineering patents at both Zymeworks and iProgen; received Ph.D. is from McGill University and completed Post Doc at UBC

Ph. D., Advisor in ADC development Advisor
John Lambert

Over 30 years experience in ADC development, led preclinical and clinical development of a variety ADC programs at ImmunoGen including T-DM1; held various position including Chief Scientific Officer, Executive Vice President, Distinguished Research Fellow at Immunogen

Ph. D Advisor in ADC manufacturing
Mike Sun

Mike brings over 20 years experience in ADC development, and is intimately familiar with GMP manufacturing of ADC for clinical development.  He held various role ranging from VP of Manufacturing at Silverback Therapeutics to Sr. Director of Clinical Manufacturing at Seattle Genetics.

Ph. D. Advisor in R&D collaboration
Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer is a biotechnology-focused PhD scientist with 25+ years experience in working for global venture capital firms, big Pharma, and independent biotechnology companies.  She was formerly Canada lead at Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Venture Partner at Nomura Phase4 Ventures.

iProgen: Pioneering Novel ADC Therapies for Unmet Medical Needs

Our technological approach opens up a wealth of possibilities for creating antibody and ADC therapies for hard-to-target receptors and conditions that current medical treatments can’t adequately address. At iProgen, we’re steering an expansive development portfolio that includes more than 10 academic collaborations and 5 industrial partnerships, with 2 preclinical stage assets primed for industry development partnership. Some of our ADC projects are the world’s first examples/application of using Antibody drug conjugate approach to treat the specific diseases.

Partnerships : Empowering Innovations through Collaboration

At iProgen, we treasure our partnerships, spanning academia and industry. These collaborations fuel our innovative streak, driving breakthroughs in oncology, immunology, and beyond.

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